Some Moments in "Live From Australia"

In "Live From Australia" taped in Melbourne, as Suzan began to sing,
no sound was coming out of her microphone. A few bars into her song,
André said, "stop stop stop." He then asked if there was a Microphone
Doctor in the house. Suzan was trying to tell André that her mike was
'down there' and pointing down her dress. André jokingly bent down
and started to pick her gown up ... then stood up saying they couldn't
undress a princess on stage. ;-) ... He told them to bring her a hand
mike, which they did, and Suzan sang her song.
It was all very cute and great that they didn't edit it out.
Here are some still pics I snagged from the DVD of it all. :)

"Seriously Suzan ... Your michrophone is where???"

The emotion of all his hard work and dreams erupts in the last
song of the concert in front of his largest audience ever of 38,605
playing Waltzing Matilda.