Laurie's Detroit Concert
With Photos of The Beautiful Fox Theater from Peter Timm

I have been so privileged to attend five concerts of the 2009 Spring tour.
In April ... Manhattan, Newark, Reading, and Philadelphia/Camden.
And the highlight of my tour season...the Detroit concert in the magnificently beautiful Fox Theater. This venue has everything -- beauty, graduated seating, great acoustics and comfortable seats.

This was very special as there were 10 of us in Row "A" in the right hand section in front of the stage. (Six sections across). My husband attended concerts in April close to home, but he cannot commit to concerts nine months in advance a distance away. But my son, Tom, wife Mary and children Kelsey, Chase, Jim, Sean and Paul were all there. And very special ~ our mentor, Sonja Harper, from Cincinnati and her granddaughter. Cassandra. We also enjoyed meeting Peter and Bonnie Timm from the Norfolk area in VA. And Dan Lycan, also from VA, was there with his fantastic banners. They get better every year.

We were shown on the big screens more than we realized, but it wasn't lost on the grandchildren. My oldest grandson said it was because "they and Cassandra" were the youngest attendees. Though a little girl, maybe four or five, was directly across the aisle from us and there were also other children in the audience. This was the third concert for most of my family and Cassandra has come since she was two!!! Being in row "A" didn't hurt, also.

As wonderful as the venue was, there were a couple of drawbacks. They cover over the orchestra PIT and place very lovely oriental carpeting over the flooring. The PIT was sold out. Two wide sections very close to the stage and five rows deep. As this blocked the entrance to the Stage except for the center aisle, they could only place one narrow set of stairs at the center of the stage for them to enter on. . Nice for us as the entire ensemble walked right next to us to the strains of "Seventy Six Trombones." Though we did wonder how the bull would work this out. "It" came down a side aisle and there was just room enough to cross in front of the stage and then find the lady in red. The children really enjoyed that...and so did all the adults. And the drawbacks ~ there was very little room for dancing, though Sonja and Cassandra and a number of others did manage it. And there was NO room for the fans to come to the front for the encores. Dan managed it with his banners. A really small price to pay for all the other positives for a concert.

An aside, Andre announced that the lady in the front left aisle seat was from Maastricht, emigrating over here 40 years ago. Interesting to me, as I sat next to her in the Meet & Greet seats back in 2005. I especially remember that, as when they began to play The Blue Danube, she leaned over and said, "They should call it the brown Danube!" We do have former Maastricht natives in our country. I stood between two fans at the San Diego concert encores in 2006...one from Maastricht and one from Germany. Both now CA residents.

The concert was excellent. Andre always makes an effort to be "up" and we appreciate that, but obviously it's easier at some venues than others. Though we had a larger orchestra ensemble in the East (often do), the violin section was smaller. Lin Jong stayed home, as she usually does during the second leg. Though she usually trades with Freya Cremers, I did not see Freya. There were only two viola's in April and we were delighted to see Linda Custers back. Klaartje did not accompany them this tour and there was a new viola player. And four cello's. The same five in the choir. But, Glenn Falize is on tour this time and it is always fun to see him. His father is obviously very proud.

The soprano soloists were in great voice. I heard that Mirusia didn't solo in Baltimore (voice problems?) but she was outstanding in Detroit as was Carla and Kalki again showed us what a glorious voice she has. As the tenors are mentioned as so professional in every write-up I have ever read, they again mesmerized the audience. And the choir is especially good. I think the biggest hit of the evening was "All Men Shall Be Brothers" That's so at every concert, but it was especially appreciated that night. A very long standing ovation.
How fortunate Andre is to have so much instrumental talent and such well trained and fantastic singers.

A wonderful evening was enjoyed by all ...
Laurie Crowley

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