Information on The Fan Dinner From Ineke

At the moment I have around 90 persons on my fan dinner list. The ship can host more guests, so don't hesitate to invite your fan friends. As soon as we have received your payment, we will definitely place you on the fan dinner list.

FAN DINNER (BUFFET) on a party ship on the river Maas (Meuse),
Maaspromenade 58, Maastricht, the Netherlands (close to the ancient Servaas Bridge). You'll recognize the ship with the André decorations!

FRIDAY JULY 10th, from 5 PM. Buffet is open from 6 PM to 8.30 PM.

PRICE: € 38 per person, including three drinks (coffee, tea, soda, beer, wine) and including PayPal fee.

(People from Holland or Europe who can do a bank transfer, can pay € 35, but people from America and Australia have to pay an extra € 3 per person, due to PayPal transaction fee). For the drinks we'll give you three vouchers, when you enter the ship.

The concert starts at 9.30 PM and the walking distance from the ship to the Vrijthof Square is 10 minutes.

Because we outgrew our former facility of 64 fans (from 8 nationalities) in 2008, we needed to find another suitable facility. We booked a party ship with the shipping company Stiphout, for our 2009 fan dinner. The ship will not be sailing, it is a floating restaurant on the river Maas (Meuse). The ship has two floors and an open air deck, so
room enough! (see pictures). The ship is accessible for wheelchairs. We'll decorate the ship in André style. I'll introduce the nationalities. Please wear name tags, badges or signs of your country, so you can easily be recognized by your country fans. Dinner will be BUFFET style with open seating.

The shipping company asks for payment in advance, so depending on your place of residence, please select one of the following options for payment:
People living (or having a bank account) in Holland:Please transfer € 35 per person to giro account 3112811 t.n.v. R. Elshout, Den Haag.

People living in Europe: Please transfer € 35 per person to Ruud's bank account, using the following details: Name of account: R. ElshoutCity: Den Haag, Nederland.IBAN: NL02INGB0003112811BIC: INGBNL2APlease verify with your bank how to handle the banking fees (SHA -shared- or OUR)(In the Netherlands I have to select SHA, so no fees will be charged).

For those who can not or do not wish to use the above method: you can also pay by PayPal, see below.

Outside of Europe: Please use PayPal to transfer money. PayPal is the money transfer system of eBay. It is a safe and inexpensive means of transferring money.If you already have a PayPal account, please transfer € 38 per person to my PayPal account: ruude@planet.nl will include the PayPal fees.

If you have not used PayPal before, please follow the steps below to setup a PayPal account:- Go to http://www.paypal.xx/ (xx is the abbreviation of your country. If not sure, use .com) At the top or bottom of the screen select the sign-up option, then Personal and Get Started. Fill-in all the details and Continue. You will need to provide a credit card or bank account number. When finished, PayPal will deduct a very small amount from the credit card or bank account to verify it's validity.This may take a few days. Once the account is created, transfer € 38 per person to account ruude@planet.nl (be sure to select Euro's).

As soon as we have received your payment, we'll confirm by mail and we will add you to our fan dinner participants list. The latest date we can receive your payment is April 30th 2009. May 1st is the date the shipping company needs to know the number of participants, in order to provide a suitable ship.
If we have not received your payment by April 30th 2009, we will assume that you do not wish to participate.

Looking forward to see you all in Maastricht,

Ruud and Ineke