The DVD Track List

1. The Gypsy Baron: 100 Years of Strauss
2. Nun's Chorus: Live in New York
3. Adagio Violin Concerto #3: Romantic Moments
4. Come, Zigany: New Years in Vienna
5. On The Beautiful Danube: Live in Vienna
6. Wolgalied: Live in Vienna
7. You Are My Hearts Delight: Live in Vienna
8. All Men Shall Be Brothers: Live in Dublin
9. Bolero: La Vie Est Belle
10. The Second Waltz: In Wonderland
11. The Gadfly: Dreaming
12. Air on a G String: Love Songs
13. André Sisters: Live at Royal Albert Hall
14. Funiculi Funicula: The Homecoming
15. Toselli Serenade: The Homecoming
16. Ode To Maastricht: The Homecoming
17. Lagune Waltz: Live in Tuscany
18. Opera Potpourri: Live in Tuscany
19. Vienna City of My Dreams: The Flying Dutchman
20. O Fortuna: The Flying Dutchman

All selections were chosen by Fans and are considered Fan Favorites from his live concert performances. The March 3rd release date is to coincide with André's 30 Year Anniversary on stage North American Tour.

André Rieu Greatest Hits CD
Limited Edition CD Track List

1. Nuns Choir
2. Komm, Zigany
3. All Men Shall Be Brothers
4. Bolero
5. Wolgalied
6. Second Waltz
7. My Heart Will Go On
8. The Blue Danube
9. Air on a G String
10. Glen Miller Medley
11. Toselli Serenade
12. Ode To Maastrricht (Benny Neyman)
13. O Mio Babino Caro
14. 'Opera Potpourri'
15. Vienna City of My Dreams
16. O Fortuna
17. Vienna City of My Dreams