Steve Goes To André's First Concert
In Sydney 2009

All in all, a fantastic concert, which ran for 3 hours. Audience participation and enthusiasm were terrific. Some of Andre's monologue was new and he spoke quite a bit about having been on Stage giving concerts for 30 years ... he said music was healthy and in all that time he'd never been sick. Had been to the doctor recently who had told him a remarkable discovery - that Andre's
heart beats in ¾ time. And of course the BEST audience of all the audiences around the world is in Australia.

When he asked how many were from Sydney about half the audience raised their hands, and he started counting, "One. two. three." The he asked how many were not from Sydney and almost as many people put their hands up!

Michael Jackson Tribute came unannounced. The Orchestra started playing "Ben" with pic's of MJ on monitors. After Andre spoke about Jackson and introduced the Earth Song by Carmen.

With Espana Cani he used the same routine of talking about bulls and the colour red. Then spotting a woman in audience wearing red and suggesting she take it off!!! The bull comes down aisle, spots her and gives chase. Well received. "The next song will be about elephants" got big laugh and applause.

André said when he arrived after 24 hour flight, he went straight to friend Alan Jones and asked him to sing on the show. The song was "I am, You Are, We Are Australian". André stopped the Orchestra once during the song and let the audience take it. A lot of people know this song.

The Blue Danube had the aisles absolutely crowded with dancers. Terrific turnout. (I saw Margaret waltzing with Maria over the other side and was going to go over and cut in, but by the time I'd taken some photos the aisles were packed, so I gave up the idea). Best turnout I've seen since the Maastricht concerts.

For a a couple of minutes when Radetzky March started I thought Margaret was going to be the only one in the mosh pit. Slow start, but by the time I put my camera away and got myself together it was already starting to fill up. It was crowded down there. Again audience participation was great.

Dame Edna Everage was very popular. Her routine was mainly around her "engagement" to Andre, (which was a secret to his wife). Best part of this act was when he introduced his "grandson" Rupert, who looked about 9 or 10, he did a pretty good job with Hungarian Dance # 5.
I was surprised that a lot of people didn't seem to know all the words to Australia Fair, but I did notice that almost everyone stood up for it. He even gave us a reprise of Waltzing Matilda, and that was the end, almost exactly 3 hours.


01. 76 Trombones
02. Carmen Overture
03. Intermezzo Sinfonico from Cavalleria Rusticana
04. La Danza
05. Return to Sorrento (w Platin Tenors)
06. Gold and Silver Waltz
06a. Tribute to Michael Jackson Pt 1) Ben
06b. Tribute to Michael Jackson Pt 2) Earth Song (with Carmen Monarcha and Boys Choir)
07. Espana Cani (woman in red being chased by bull)
08. Titanic
09. I Could Have Danced All Night (with Mirusia & soloists)
10. With a Little Bit Of Luck (with all soloists)


01. Clog Dance
02. Music, Music
03. I Am Australian by Alan Jones
04. E Lucevan le Stelle (Tosca) with the Platin Tenors
05. To Maxim's (with Platin Tenors)
06. Volga Song
07. Memory (Cats) with Mirusia
07a.Waltzing Matilda with Mirusia
08. Blue Danube
09. Ode to Joy with Soloists


10. Radetzky March with balloons
11. Strauss & Co
12. Libiamo with Soloists
13. Australian Medley: Bananas in Pyjamas, etc.
14. Dame Edna Everage "comedy routine", including her singing "I Still Call Australia Home" (now THAT was funny).
15. Dame Edna introduces "grandson" Rupert (?), about 9 or 10 years old who played Brahms Hungarian Dance # 5, with Andre & Orchestra.
16. Dame Edna and everyone sing "Neighbours".
17. Advance Australia Fair with everyone
18. Adieu Mein Kleiner Gardeoffizier with everyone
19. Andre leads off Waltzing Matilda joined by Orchestra and everyone.