Aussie Friends Go To Theater Showing of André's Concert From Maastricht

Andreday, 18th July 2010
Report of their day from Val

Well, what a day we have had! Sad to think it has come and gone! Andreday, 18th July 2010, a date that seemed to take forever to arrive. A day, well worth waiting for.

Sixteen of us left our homes early this morning, with one aim in mind, to achieve “pole position” at the Cameo Theatre in Belgrave in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. (Back row status!) However, the best laid plans can go awry as ours did! Theatre Management had changed their plan of attack following the queues that had surrounded Belgrave last October, when André was screened LIVE from Sydney, and had decided to open their doors RIEU-lly early. Not to worry though, as our seats were fine, if not a fair few rows closer to the front. Thankfully Cinema Management had provided us with their best theatre so there was plenty of room for everyone and fantastic “sound”!

Thanks to our forward scout Chris M, a booking had been made at the Reel Cafe (renamed the RIEU-L Cafe for the day) next door to the theatre, for an early coffee followed by a late lunch on completion of the concert. By this time, half of the group had taken over 16 seats in the theatre and had covered the seats with anything and everything, i.e. Andre scarves, coats, bags, etc. By 10.30 a.m. everyone had arrived and we quickly moved into position. Our seats were excellent and everyone could see (most important, when one is rather short!). “André” was up in lights on the big screen, advising us of the time left before transmission commenced.

The gorgeous Sammy from LIVE Entertainment graced us with her presence and proceeded to tell us what was in store for us (as if we didn’t know!!). A wonderful tour of Maastricht set the tone for what was to follow, and only served to whet the appetite for the intrepid travellers planning their Andre adventure for July 2011!The countdown was over and there HE was, marching, whistling, waving - magnificent!
The concert was fantastic. We loved it. Everything seemed to go according to Andre’s plan. Tonight, no fire backstage, no storm to create havoc, just marvellous music, singing, colour and Andre, at his best!

Sammy again appeared during Intermission and provided us with a wonderful interview with “our” gorgeous Mirusia, and then the second half began. André kept us amused as he organised the returning crowd, most of them battling to find their correct seat.

Too soon it was all over, and true to his word, André provided a wonderful, sparkling interview with Sammy, immediately after the concert had ended. We now look forward to October when he will be Down Under to visit us and once again, fill our lives with “magic”, bring it on!!

We look forward to the return of our wandering minstrels, Mrs. Ed, Helen & Richard and Val & Graham at the end of July when they will tell us all about their wonderful time in marvellous Maastricht (very similar to “marvellous Melbourne”!).

In the meantime, we have lots to look forward to, beginning with “Christmas in July” in Woodend at a Dutch Cafe, with “André on tap” on 29th July. In August, we look forward to sharing our Get-Together with Mother Superior on 25th August at The Knox Tavern. In October, on the 1st (André’s birthday!) we will spend the day at the wonderful Tesselaar’s Tulip Farm, and then it will be “Showtime” at Rod Laver Arena !!

Before ending my report, I would like to welcome Yvonne, who is going to join us at our August Get-together, and possibly Marie and Henry & Maria will come along too. I look forward to seeing you again soon and thank you so much for your support, encouragement and wonderful company, all thanks to the Maestro, André.

CheeRIEU ... love from Your Roving Reporter, Val