"I Dance With You Into Heaven"
Lyrics in German and English by John
"This must be a piece of heaven!’ That’s what they must have thought when they first met, my two hundred year old Stradivarius and the enchanting young singer Mirusia. It was love at first sight!"

Track List of The New CD

1. Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein
2. Wiener Melange
3. Hochzeitsmarsch
4. Plaisir d'amour
5. Schatzwalzer
6. Espana cani
7. Charmaine
8. Du und Du (You and You Waltz)
9. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
10. An der schoenen blauen Donau (live)
11. Radetzky March (live)
12. Straus and Co. (live)
13. Adieu mein kleiner Gardeoffizier (live)
14. Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein (live)