There were many other votes, but we could only send in the votes that were selections from Denon DVD's. Here is the final list that we sent to them. It's interesting to see the wide range of choices.

1. The Gypsy Baron.Wer Uns Getraut. dvd= 100 years of Strauss
2. "The Rose " with Carmen, Carla, Susanne, on the dvd- Flying Dutchman
3."My Way" from "Live in New York"
4.Komme, Zigany/New Year's in Vienna 2001/2, violin solo
5. The 9e piece : W.A.Mozart. Adagio for violin nr.3 on "Romantic moments"
6."All Men Shall Be Brothers" or "Ode to Joy". on 'Live in Dublin'
7. "Bolero" from the "La Vie Est Belle"
8. Toselli Serenade (DVD Songs from my Heart/Homecoming)
9. Second Waltz (DVD Andre Rieu in Wonderland)
10. Toselli Serenade from Homecoming
11. Toselli Serenade (Homecoming)
12. The Godfather (Tuscany)
13. Nun’s Choir from the Radio City DVD. (Live in NY)
14. Toselli’s Serenade on The Homecoming
15. "Song of the Volga" from the DVD Live in Dublin
16. Where each child lays down his head. This is from the In Wonderland DVD.
17. "Bolero" from "La Vie Est Belle".
18. NUN's CHOIR on the DVD New York.
19. (Bumel Petrus) on the DVD Flying Dutchman.
20. Gadfly, from DVD DREAMING
21. "Funiculi Funicula" on the DVD Andre Rieu "Live at the Royal Albert Hall".
22. ODE TO MAASTRICHT with Benny Neyman from Homecoming
23. The Chianti Song on Homecoming
24. Bolero on Denon DVD Andre' at he Movie
25. "Danube Love" from Denon's DVD "Life Is Beautiful."
26. The Rose" Tuscanny
27. THE GADFLY, from the Dreaming DVD
28. Amazing Grace
29. My favorite DVD piece is Toselli Serenade on the DVD "The Homecoming!"
30. "How The West Was Won" from the Tuscany DVD.
31. Wolgalied from Live in Vienna
32. Wolgalied on Live in Vienna.
33. "Concierto de Aranjuez" from the DVD "The Homecoming".
34. Vienna Blood, from New Year's in Vienna!
35. Bach "Air" - Track #6 on the "Dreaming" DVD.
36. Toselli's Serenade in The Homecoming
37. Titanic in Schonbrunn DVD
38. Toselli Serenade on the Homecoming
39. 'The Last Rose' (Instrumental Version) as in DVD 'Live in Dublin'
40. FEAST OF FIRE from the Schönbrunn DVD
41. The Gadfly from the dvd Dreaming
43. Gadfly from the DVD Dreaming
44. "Concierto de Aranjuez" Homecoming DVD.
45. "My Way" from the Live at Radio City New York
46. "I Got Plenty Of Nuttin" on Wonderland DVD
47. Komm Zigany (From Live in Vienna)
48. 'Opera Potpourri' on Live in Tuscany
49. André Sisters from Live at Albert Hall
50. "Don't Cry For Me Argentina." Radio City Music Hall
51. "Comm Zigany" from New Year's in Vienna.
52. "Marina" from Denon Tuscany DVD.
53. Where each child lays down his head. Wonderland DVD
54. "You Are My Heart's Delight" on Live in Vienna
55. Slumber My Darling from Christmas Around The World
56. Wolgalied" from "Live in Vienna"
57. "The Nun's Choir" on the New York DVD
58. The Last Rose of Summer on Romantic Moments DVD
59. "Concierto de Aranjuez" from the Homecoming DVD.
60. Opera Potpourri from Live in Tuscany