André Will Soon Be Heading For Australia!!

In the weeks to come, there will be many stories of André's World Tour Concerts and Travels Down Under ~ We will be posting all about them here on The Parlor with lots of pictures. Also, for the "Up To The Minute" news of what is going on down there ~ go to Jann's Aussie Fan Website at ...

♦ Aussie Fans For André

Some Excerpts From The November Women's Weekly Magazine Australia

André laughs when asked how he feels about his huge success. Right now, Australia is his biggest market in the world. "It feels good, it feels great!! I like Australia. They like me. It feels very European to me, with down to earth normal people and a nice atmosphere."

He doesn't care about some critics who snipe about his unabashed spectacle of his concerts with their horse drawn carriages, ballet dancers, ice skaters and flying angels.

"I make music my way, he says. I have a Classical Music education. My father was a conductor of a symphony orchestra. More or less, all orchestras and all classical musicians go on stage and do their job. They seem to think it would be better if the audience wasn't there. From the beginning when I was a little boy, I didn't like that. I wanted to interact with people, that interaction makes me very happy, happier then when I'm doing things alone."

As a child ~ "There was huge pressure on me. My father
was always pushing me. He was very dictatorial. What he said was law, and we had to obey him without question. I wasn't close to him, scared perhaps. I just felt that I could never please him, whatever I did was not good enough."

There is no resentment in his voice as he remembers his childhood. He shrugs and laughs at the aphorism that behind every successful man, is a small boy trying to please his parents. "People can say what they like. They can analyze me as much as they want. It's made me what I am. That education, or miseducation formed me."

"When I was a little boy, there were always soloists coming to the house ~ Yehudi Menuhin, people like that. They would always come alone with their wives, and their wives would be carrying the violin cases. It's a lonely life and I always knew I didn't want that. I always wanted to do it in a different way ~ my way ~ and I had to discover this slowly."

I said to my parents, "okay tonight I'm going to leave and I'm going to sleep with Marjorie. That was a bombshell to them. I was the black sheep of the family, but I was so lucky to meet her. She has the combination of being very down to earth and also very artistic. I think she's the most special person in the world, there's only one like her."

They're rarely photographed together and never give joint interviews. Some say this is because he is more glamorous than his wife, but the truth is, she doesn't want the attention and he doesn't need it.

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