Photos to Show some of the things that are going on this week that you can not see on the Web Cam.
And some to show you up close what you are seeing.

The Theater Steps across from the Vrijthof
taken the week before the Concerts Start

The Rieu Bugs Arrive! These are the little things you see
running all around the Vrijthof on the Webcam.

Rieu Bug going into the Vrijthof

A Rieu Bug coming out of the Vrijthof.
I call them Rieu Bugs because they're everywhere!
The go down the street and around the corner to a storage
place and get things to bring to the Vrijthof for the construction.

Taken from my room ~ you can see in this picture
ALL that's going on right now ...

Taken from my window, putting up the light poles and lamps.

Installing light lamps on the poles. Each Lamp has to be individually put in.
Very Time comsuming and they're up very high!!

Trying to get this connected before the oncoming storm gets there!

"The Storm" taken out my window with Lightening right over the stage!

Mario putting the Banners up in all the buildings around the Vrijthof.
This is all done before everyone gets there ...

Mario Waving to us! :)


This pic is taken on the Vrijthof looking as if you were standing
on André's Stage. The red arrow pointing to the White Dot shows
you where the "Webcam" is locoated that you're wathing.

André checking in on how things are going ...

Theater on The Vrijthof at night ... The Concerts are Over