Interview with André on RTL April 30, 2012

TV person: After three months of illness, last week was the big moment for André Rieu. After many months he could finally go on stage again with his violin. On one side it was a beautiful moment, on the other, a moment to reflect on how difficult it was for him.

André: I am just a terribly stubborn dumb person to let this go so far.

TV person: The year 2012 had a difficult start for André Rieu. The popular violinist was forces to cancel his concerts at the end of January, due to a persistent virus.

André: My head was spinning, no not my head, the room started spinning. I also had that a year and a half ago and I thought: "Shit, here we go again!!...."

TV person: While André is on the sick list, the wildest rumors ran rampant about the secret illness of the Flying Dutchman. Not only did the fans panic, but also an army of doctors were meticulously searching for the cause.

André: After all those examinations, they said: "There is nothing seriously wrong with you, you are very healthy". Okay, next I was on the scales for a checkup at my doctor’s and I weighed in at 97.2 (213.8 lbs), almost a 100 kilos (220 lbs). That was a shock and I told myself: I Working out, bodybuilding, I started to play tennis again am going to do thing differently. Inside of.., what is it now? April? Inside of two months I lost eight kilos (17.6 lbs) and I try to lose another eight kilos. All is going well.

TV person: André likes his renewed lifestyle.

André: That bodybuilding, with 80 kilos in your neck, that’s a lot for me. And then I think: "Why am I doing this?.... But afterwards you feel great. My bodybuilder said: In a year you can lift 100 kilos. Tjakka!

TV person: With a lot less kilos on his hips, André could be found behind his music stand again last week. Denmark saw the premier of the re-born Limburger.

André: Since this week I am performing again and it is going fantastic. I feel reborn, unbelievable!!! Every evening it went better.

TV person: After having been down in the dumps, you would think the Burgondier would slow down a little. Yeah, right, then you don't know André!

André: I am 62 now. If I had a sedentary profession, and would take early retirement in 3 years, sitting in a chair behind the geraniums, I would be dead by 75. But I'd love to perform for another 30 years! Now with renewed energy and less kilos..... I'll lose eight more kilos... but then I'll gain another 10 kilos of muscles, uh guys, we'll talk to each other in a year!! Then you’ll see who is standing here!!

TV person: What a nice man! When you are so positive, you can achieve anything!! He clearly shows that. Soon he'll travel to Brazil to perform 18 concerts at the end of May. This was nice boys! A real wonderful Queen's Day day. This man just keeps on going. Queen's Day is not yet finished. Have a wonderful evening. If you would like to do something special tonight in the streets or on the square, have a look at our internet site for more beautiful photos we cannot s Tomorrow we are here again with a normal broadcast.

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